In this series, we take two broad entities—design and culture—and talk about them with a range of experts within the field, each with their own unique perspective. We want to expand definitions of what culture and design can be, and where the two fields overlap, intersect, and inform one another.

Design can be a way of solving a problem, or simply the process of creating a specific product or experience. We want to debunk the myth that culture is either a “high” or “low” entity—either a trip to a famous museum or a blockbuster movie. Culture is our collective way of life; it’s what makes us human— it’s all the aspects of our world that are creative.









Our team–itself a mix of film professionals, designers, animators, editors, and culture nerds—joined forces to elevate voices we haven’t necessarily heard before–industry professionals, enthusiasts, self-taught creatives—in order to get perspectives from all kinds of people.

We want to hear from individuals about how what they do intersects with the creative process. If you are working in culture and have a unique relationship to the world of design—whether it’s a passion of yours, or something that’s helped you in your field—let us know @laplacacohen on Twitter and @laplaca.cohen on Instagram.