The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles had evolved from a smaller, experimental museum on the fringes of the contemporary art landscape to an internationally recognized institution that is emulated by 
its peers. However, the Museum had not yet begun to speak with confidence about its identity and the impact it sought to achieve—a challenge that became increasingly urgent as a growing number of prominent voices crowded the Los Angeles contemporary art community.


After an audit of the Hammer’s communications materials revealed a disconnect between the Museum’s radical and vibrant personality and the more subdued tone used in its language, a Mission Work Session and Positioning Work Session were conducted to unearth the key elements of the Museum’s identity and determine how they connected with the audiences they served.

The resulting Statement of Purpose and comprehensive Positioning Platform provided the Museum with the tools and framework to bring its activities and messaging into alignment.



Having achieved greater clarity regarding its distinct purpose and the impact it wanted to create, the Hammer activated its Positioning Platform as it was planning new initiatives that expressed and reinforced its key values: the Museum began offering free admission, and it launched Arts ReSTORE LA, a program to help revitalize the Westwood neighborhood by filling empty storefronts with local artists and artisans.


Communications Audit
Mission Work Session
Positioning Work Session
Positioning Platform

Images courtesy of Hammer Museum