In the spring of 2015, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum was entering a new chapter in its history: the museum had settled into its new Renzo Piano-designed renovation, and was preparing to welcome a new director. With these exciting developments, it was necessary to reaffirm a shared understanding of the Gardner Museum’s identity and vision for the future in order to more boldly share the story of Boston’s most unusual and beloved cultural destination.









LaPlaca Cohen developed a new positioning strategy for the Gardner Museum that would serve to unify the multi-faceted experiences on offer (ranging from visual arts to culinary events to concerts), and communicate Isabella Stewart Gardner’s profound passion, and generous spirit, to all who visit the museum.

The new positioning strategy was translated into an institutional advertising campaign—the first effort in recent years to capture the Gardner Museum experience in its totality rather than promote specific exhibitions and programs. The ad campaign placed the Gardner Museum logo and associated tagline, “What’s Your Pleasure?,” in the center of the layout, emphasizing Isabella Stewart Gardner as the heart of the museum experience.

The imagery of the campaign consists of wide shots of the museum environment and its many offerings paired with close-up details of the images. These pairings, mimic the wondrous experience of exploring the Gardner Museum, where visitors are drawn to explore the treasures that await around every corner.




The Gardner Museum launched its institutional campaign with the aim of reinvigorating its connection with audiences who know and love the institution, while piquing the interest of those who have yet to visit.



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