As one of the oldest, largest, and most programmatically diverse non-profit performing arts organizations in the country, the Roundabout Theatre Company (RTC) has seen success and growth for many years, transforming itself into a unique destination for audiences interested in the highest quality live performances—throughout five unique venues. On the cusp of its fiftieth anniversary, RTC had a singular opportunity to clarify its unique purpose by developing an all-encompassing brand identity that unified its many organizational components into a meaningful whole.


A series of stakeholder interviews, mission and vision workshops, and a comprehensive audit of existing communications materials assessed the understanding, awareness, and presentation of RTC’s existing organizational identity. These findings were built upon with in-depth audience research, including focus groups and online surveys that targeted both current Roundabout patrons and culturally-active audiences at large.

Working in partnership with McGarryBowen, a positioning platform was created that emphasized three of RTC’s core qualities: its commitment to “Enduring Stories,” its “Relentless Curiosity,” and its history of “Inclusivity.”


Through guided implementation of the new positioning and messaging strategy, the Roundabout has solidified its reputation as one of Broadway’s best-loved institutions: reaffirming the values that have led to its growth over the past fifty years, and presenting a powerful and unified story moving forward.