Every year, The New York Botanical Garden invites crowds to get their first taste of spring by visiting their annual Orchid Show. This year NYBG introduced their colorful palette through a different perspective: aerial displays of orchids, hanging from above and appearing as Orchid Chandeliers.

In designing the campaign, we needed to emphasize the element of hanging orchids while also striving for a fresh and bright feel. Past campaigns for The Orchid Show have often featured wall-to-wall color; our intent was to differentiate the feel of this campaign to signal a new approach to the orchids on display. For the new campaign, we set the colors of the flowers against a contrasting clean, white background as well as the gray wordmark we designed.

The Orchid Show: Chandeliers advertising campaign consists of varied print, outdoor, and broadcast insertions. Print ads were placed in several newspapers and magazines, and there was a heavy outdoor presence on New York City subways, MTA buses, and Metro-North rail cars. In addition, we created a 15 second television spot that ran during network morning news programming which highlighted the color and aerial feeling of the orchid displays.

TV Broadcast


Subway Advertising


Our engagement in the campaign began by directing the photography of the signature image. Clearly conveying the chandelier concept was key, as this differentiated the new show from orchid shows of the past.

Photoshoot at The New York Botanical Garden


Outdoor Bus Advertising